American cereals

Who has never wanted to taste American cereals in the shape of colorful loops? This great classic present in many American films is available on Pop's America. Treat yourself and opt for these Froot Loops, our Puffs cereals or our oat flakes. Something to treat yourself with a breakfast with authentic flavors coming directly from the United States.

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Discover our entire range of American cereals

Pop's America is full of American cereals for your breakfasts and other gourmet moments. In the United States, oat cereals are eaten in loops or flakes for your porridge. Cereals made in the USA even come with pieces of marshmallow. Find these products unavailable in France in our sweet grocery section. American-style breakfasts are possible thanks to Pop's America.

American cereals: the famous loops and puffs

We see them very often in American films: Kellogg's Froot Loops. Colorful and in fun shapes with a fruit flavor , these cereals will delight any breakfast. The loops are also available simply in oatmeal with the famous Cheerios brand. Cheerios loops mix with fresh fruit or come in other flavors: chocolate and peanut butter. These typically American flavors are also found in the famous Reese's brand Puffs. All American cereals, loops and puffs, are available at Pop's America.

American cereals: the classic oatmeal

Oatmeal cereals are known as far away as France. But the advantage of these cereals is that you can try them American style, or with other flavors. Find oatmeal with maple syrup or cinnamon flavor on Pop's America. American oatmeal cereals are also ideal for your oat groats . They are best enjoyed with fresh fruit, nuts, pieces of chocolate or with yogurt.

American cereals: with pieces of marshmallows

For a typical American breakfast , it is ideal to try Lucky Charms cereal with pieces of marshmallow. Traditional products from the United States, their marriage promises an ultra-gourmet breakfast. These cereals are popular with children with their little colorful marshmallows and cute shapes. Find Lucky Charms cereal with marshmallows in the sweet grocery section of Pop's America. These American cereals are not found anywhere else in France.

The biggest American cereal brands are on

Discover the most famous American cereal brands on Pop's America. Treat yourself to authentic Froot Loops from Kellogg's, or chocolate and peanut butter loops from Cheerios. Reese's Puffs are also a classic American breakfast, just like Lucky Charms with their little pieces of marshmallows. Also discover Quaker brand oat flakes: ideal for your porridge. These products made in USA are unavailable elsewhere in France. Treat yourself to Pop's America. Your breakfasts will be unlike any other thanks to our American products.

Why buy your American cereals from Pop's America?

Pop's America offers the most famous brands of cereals made in the USA on the market and at the best price. Treat yourself to all our products unavailable elsewhere in France. We prepare your little gourmet package in a colorful package upon receipt of your order. Pop's America delivers your favorite cereals and other sweet groceries within 24 hours. For a breakfast or snack with authentic flavors, trust Pop's America. Our shop is full of the latest trendy American products at very attractive prices .

Lucky Charms Berry Swirl
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Lucky Charms Magic Clovers
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Toast'em Pop-Ups Strawberry
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Toast'em Pop-Ups Frosted...
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Toast'em Pop-Ups Blueberry
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Toast’em Pop-Ups Wild Berry
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Toast'em Pop-Ups S'Mores
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Toast'em Pop-Ups Brown...
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Kellogg's Frosted Flakes...
Lucky Charms Minis
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Loaded
Trix Loaded Large Size
Reese's Puffs Peanut Butter...
Pop Tarts Frosted Cookies &...
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Cocoa Pebbles Crunch'd
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Kellogg's Rainbow Krispies
Dunkin' Hot Chocolate Mint Bomb
Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch
  • -20%
Gingerbread Toast Crunch
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rolls
Kellogg's Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll
Dunkin' Hot Chocolate Bomb

Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Berries
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Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter
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