American soda, icon of American Spirit

Opinions are unanimous, if there is an emblematic drink of the USA , it is soda. Everyone knows the most famous American drinks: Coca-Cola, Fanta or even Pepsi. However, American sodas come in a multitude of drinks, each as different as the next. There is no time to enjoy an American soda . At the table with a hamburger and fries, in a cocktail or to quench a little thirst, an American soda always does the trick. Only one question arises: “Which American soda do you prefer?”

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Discover our range of American sodas

Coming directly from the United States, we offer you sodas with surprising flavors that cannot be found in France. Welcome to our online American grocery store, we will be delighted to introduce you to drinks such as Candy, Chupa Chups, Dr Pepper or even Crush. The flavors of America are in your refrigerator in just a few clicks. Enjoy the drinks of the American way of life without moderation.

American soda: traditional products

We no longer present Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi or 7UP . They have represented drinks made in the USA for a long time. How would you like to try the wild berry Pepsi or the vanilla orange Coca-Cola? Did you know that 7UP comes in mojito or cherry flavors? Fanta offers a Japan Hakuto bottle and many flavors such as strawberry-kiwi, pineapple or even elderberry-lemon. For manga fans, Coca-Cola presents the Japan Saitama bottle. It goes without saying that this is just an overview of our vast choice of sodas from America.

American soda: products to discover

The United States is full of sodas and drinks, only a few of which are available in France. Perhaps you know some of them or have even tasted them? Dr Pepper offers cream soda with a hint of vanilla, cherry vanilla or even vanilla float. Chupa Chups displays fruity flavors like strawberry, orange and even melon. Finally, Crush, originally orange flavored like Fanta, is available in cream soda, pineapple or grape. Many other flavors are to be discovered for each of the brands.

American soda: unusual drinks

The USA will never cease to amaze us . This is the case with Candy and its birthday cake flavor soda. Harry Potter butterbeer is not to be outdone. At Charlie's Organics, it's the sparkling water that takes on flavors of grapefruit, lemon or even raspberry and lime. The list is of course not exhaustive. Don’t hesitate to explore the sections of our online American market for other discoveries.

The biggest brands of American soda are on

Every grocery store or food market offers different brands and varieties of American soda for sale. At Pop's America, we offer you a stock of brands and flavors that cannot be found in France . You are bound to discover some amazing drinks. You will enjoy the many varieties of Fanta, Dr Pepper vanilla float, Harry Potter beer and Coca-Cola orange vanilla. The best of American soda is waiting for you.

Why buy your American sodas at Pop's America?

Do you have a craving for soda made in the USA , but you don't want to run around town? Maybe you can't find your favorite brand or perfume? Don't worry, at Pop's America we are here for you . Choose and order at the best price directly from our online store, we ship your American sodas the same day. Your delivery arrives within 24 hours in colorful packaging, directly from our stock to your table.

Capri-Sun Mystic Dragon
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Fanta Watermelon Asia
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Canada Dry Fruit Splash
  • New
Mountain Dew Frost Bite
  • New
Coca-Cola Spiced
  • New
Mountain Dew Pitch Black
  • -25%
  • New
Sprite Chill Cherry Lime
  • New
Prime Energy Ice Pop
  • New
Sunkist Watermelon Lemonade
  • New
LaCroix Sparkling Water...
Fanta Sour Plum China
  • -20%
Fanta Golden Grape Japan 500ml
Coca-Cola Strawberry Cans China
  • -40%
Fanta Sarsi Huöng Xà Xi
Soda Barr Shandyade
  • -40%
Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Super-Passion Fruit Golden Frieza
Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Super-Melon Super Saiyan Pink
Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Super-Peach Goku Black

Coca-Cola League of Legends China 330ML
  • -30%

Coca-Cola League of Legends China 500ML
  • -50%
Coca-Cola Strawberry China
  • -35%
Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale
Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit
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